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Return to Learn - Meal Distribution

Dear D49 Families, 

We are pleased to resume our grab-and-go meal service as we return to learn in our virtual, E49 status. Starting Tuesday, August 18, we will serve lunch and breakfast to D49 registered families at three of our campuses (note the locations have changed)  from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 

We are offering meal service as we would during a typical school year. We invite families who would normally take advantage of our meal program to come join us. For families qualified for free, or reduced meal benefits for 2020-21, there is no cost. 

Our families without meal benefits are welcome to purchase meals. Please note this is not the same program we could offer to our entire community this spring and through the summer. We thank you for your understanding.  

Meal Pickup Information:

  • Families who would like to purchase meals:
    • PreK-5: $2.70 lunch, $1.65 for breakfast
    • 6-12: $3.00 lunch, $1.85 breakfast 
    • Checks are accepted

  • Families who qualify for free or reduced meals can collect meals at no charge
  • All families need to reapply annually for Free and Reduced benefits-- Click here to reapply 

  • Rocky Mountain Classical Academy is providing its students with lunches, both for in-person learning and grab-and-go for off-campus days. Check with the school for more details.  

We are excited to serve you as we kick off the 2020-21 school year! Thank you for your trust and your hard work during this unprecedented season of learning. See you soon!