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Students Present Passion Projects

Tenth-grader Savanna Gonzalez, 16, presents her personal project, “DIY Soaps and Scrubs”, Students from engineering and the International Baccalaureate program presented projects to classmates, staff and Horizon Middle School eighth-graders May 13 during the design project expo at Sand Creek High School.

IB students have been working through the design cycle to address a problem, improve some skill or system, or create something new for their Middle Years Programme project. They have ownership over their learning, and selected a topic they were passionate about for their project. “It’s equally valuable [for students] to support themselves in life, and love what they’re doing,” said Mike Brandt, personal project supervisor. Brandt explained that the project solidifies research and communication skills students have been developing in the program.

Tenth-grader Savanna Gonzalez chose “DIY Soaps and Scrubs” for her project. She got the idea from Pinterest. ”I just thought it would be cool to try to make it myself,” she said. “It’s easy to start something new if you’re determined to do it.”
Eleventh-grader Zach Richardson, 17, presents “Battle for Mt. Olympus” Engineering students also presented their projects during the expo. “It doesn’t matter what you do, you’re learning how to do something,” said Todd Matia, teacher leader. Matia explained that the projects gave students real world business experience, while incorporating elements they have learned in engineering classes. Students also chose the topics for their projects.

“If you get students passionate about something they’re interested in, they’ll do amazing things,” said Matia

Eleventh-grader Zach Richardson presented “Battle for Mt. Olympus”, based off of a project he started with his teammates in the ninth grade. They were interested in making the game work in an electronic environment. “We had to learn every step of the way,” said teammate Dawson Eliasen.

 Tenth-grader Julian Ka, 15, presents “Aquaponics” during the design project expo.   Eleventh-grader Michael Thuis, 17, presents an garage door opener app during the design project expo.
Kayla Maldonado