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Proposed: New Transportation Fee Structure

District 49's transportation team coordinates for safe student movements to and from schools and extra curricular activities. The team routinely participates in state and national bus safety programs and competitions. 

District 49 began fee for service transportation in the 2011-2012 school year. Through that time, minimal changes have been made to the fee structure for bus service. To help increase efficiency in the transportation department and maintain relatively low rates for the long-term, the Board of Education directors are considering a change to the fee structure for the 2017-18 school year. Moving from a structure with only per-ride, monthly and annual payment options to per-ride, quarterly, semester and annual payment options will provide additional cost saving options when families purchase annual or semester passes.

Proposed Transportation Fee Graphic
Benefits of the new plan:
• Savings by paying for more months upfront, especially if you pay annually.
• Annual fee conversion option – After paying for the first quarter, you may convert to the annual pass within one month.
• Can purchase a stand-by punch card in advance for occasional riders.

District 49 is committed to being fiscally responsible. The Center for American Progress ranked our district as a top school district in the state regarding how we spend per pupil funding. With less than 20-percent of students riding the bus, the new payment options will create efficiencies, saving hundreds of staff hours in computing rides and billing.

Our commitment to excellent customer service continues. The new SafeStop app is a free service that offers a real-time map to locate your child’s bus, or to receive alerts and messages regarding transportation updates. Make sure to sign up before school begins.

We value your comments and welcome any feedback regarding this proposal. BOE directors will use your comments to help inform their decision regarding the proposed changes to the fee structure.
Amy Matisek
719.495.1149 ext 2136