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EIES Pioneer New Learning Methods

EIES students in wheelbarrow Evans International Elementary School fifth-graders had the opportunity to explore social studies and science units at the USAFA Equestrian Center on May 6 for Pioneer Movement Day. Students were able to review units in a Movement Method based way with ten stations to learn more about animal adaptation, Native American history, art expression, shelter building and much more.


Volunteers from the USAFA community manned the ten stations, fostering the connection between our military community and schools, by reviewing materials and allowing for exposure to movement and nature to trigger interest and emotional health for students.


“Movement method is a framework for teachers to allow true integration, help students reconnect with nature and develop problem solving skills,” explained Bianca Rimbach, fifth-grade teacher at EIES. “The philosophy is based on allowing children to move, and do as much as possible in nature. This field trip was an innovative idea by Emilee Huff to integrate our training and understand to allow students the most effective access to learning and growth”


“The thing I love about this field trip is I get to spend time with the animals, and I love nature,” said Inis Magana, fifth-grader. “I love to learn everything about animals!”


EIES students rotated through ten stations, where they were exposed to different experiences and opportunities to work with animals, build shelters, encounter new materials, and learn about the westward expansion.


“I think this is a fun field trip because we get to see the animals and play with them," stated Brianna Martinez, fifth-grader. “We also got to make boats, but the animals are my favorite part!”

EIES students brushing pony  EIES students brushing pony  EIES working with horses

Samantha Dosen