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Texas Instruments Inspiring Young Programmers

FESOT Students playing with rovers

Falcon Elementary School of Technology third, fourth and fifth-grade students had the opportunity to work with Texas Instruments coding experts on April 26, 2019. Students learned how to program and code rover machines thanks to funding from the IGNITE grant, a Department of Defense Education Activity grant awarded to District 49.


Students were given coding instructions by a Texas Instruments trainer and worked in teams, programming rovers to move to music. Students were excited to see the programming move the rovers in full action. “We love this program!” said Jylnn Campbell, third-grade. “My favorite part was the dancing.”


“We need to inspire future programmers to join us someday at Texas Instruments, and we want all kids to have experience in coding and get excited to know what they are able to do,” said Brian Dunnicliffe, Education Technology Consultant. “Today we are working with rovers and having the rovers dance to get the kids excited about the possibilities of what the rover can do.”


"It was exciting to see their imaginations at work. The grant was created to spark interest in our elementary students, and this did exactly that," said Mary Velasquez, IGNITE project manager. “Interest in motion!"


“I thought today was pretty cool, it was kinda hard, but we figured it out because there are a lot of controls to work on,” said Kaden Sams, third-grade. “My favorite part was dancing!”


IGNITE will purchase complete sets of coding calculators, hubs, and rovers for check out district-wide next year.


jylnn campbell at FESOT  FESOT students working on rovers  FESoT students dancing with rovers

Samantha Dosen