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HMS Students Learn No Acts of Kindness are Too Small

Davey Muise with students The Horizon Middle School student body gathered in the gym to hear an emotional story about overcoming a rough childhood, enduring abusive parents, entering foster care and being adopted. On Nov. 27 HMS students had the rare opportunity to listen to punk rock musician, motivational speaker and kindness promoter, Davey Muise.


“I started making fun of myself before anyone else could make fun of me about being adopted or poor,” said Muise. “But I took that attitude into high school with me. We come into school with attitudes and expect people to help us. We can’t treat people that way.”


Muise’s powerful message about finding yourself, opening up to your friends and family, and overcoming hardships resonated with the young audience. He demonstrated with small stories how small acts of kindness and care can change your life or another’s life.


“Really inspiring, everyone goes through these things,” said Reagan Tooley, eighth-grader. “He relates to the kids.”


“Today was inspiring because I go through the same things. Music has always been there to help me and I loved how he talked about that kind of thing,” commented Grace Mason, eighth-grader. “I love that HMS brought him here, and I think he should come more!”


Students were then selected to have small breakout sessions with Muise to ask questions and hear more stories on a personal level.


“It was nice to be in the breakout session,” remarked Asher Montoya, seventh-grader. “I learned a lot of things. It made me feel emotional and opened my eyes.”


“I felt like I spoke to a room full of 700 little me’s,” said Muise. “I love talking to middle school kids because you get them at the really crucial point in their life before they are over everything and too cool for everything. They’re really starting to formulate that basis of who they are going to be forever. It’s an exciting time to see their lives.”


Muise was brought to HMS after leaders saw him present at the annual Renaissance conference last summer. “Knowing that our Renaissance theme this year centered around kindness, the entire team at the conference wanted to bring Davey here to speak with students,” said Dustin Horras, principal. “Through his message and story, Davey was able to share how one phone call, one act of kindness to someone can change a person's trajectory or path for the better.”


Davey with Grace   Davey with HMS students  Davey at HMS

Samantha Dosen