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FESoT Community Commemorates Veterans Day

Air Force M.Sgt. Winnie Thompson and her son Grayson Students, family and community members gathered at Falcon Elementary School of Technology (FESoT) on Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, to celebrate Veterans Day.


Families and veterans came together as FESoT staff members welcomed them and served dinner before the evening festivities.


“This is amazing, it’s an honor being honored by the school and the students,” said Air Force M.Sgt. Winnie Thompson who was attending the event with her son Grayson, a fifth grader.  “We just moved here after four years stationed in Belgium and this has been a great school and we are happy to be here.”


Patriotic student artwork was showcased in the library as well as a Wall of Honor area that displayed photos of veteran family members.


Falcon High School Junior ROTC cadets also welcomed veterans with a sabre arch ceremony as they entered the school gymnasium for music and student  presentations.


“I am a proud son of a Navy veteran,” said FESoT principal Dr. Michael Roth. Roth spoke humbly about his father’s service and of his recent passing two weeks prior to the event.  “I wish he could be here to see this, I know he would be proud of these students and this school.”


Students sang patriotic songs and read letters they had written for service members deployed overseas, the school plans to mail those letters during the holidays.


Student at FESoT  FESot Family  Lt. Col. Shuan Pringle


“The school has done a great job supporting veterans, and I really appreciate their efforts,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Shuan Pringle. “It’s a great thing that they do for us.”

Amy Bremser