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WHES Rock Your School Day

WHES staff  Woodmen Hills Elementary School enjoyed a rock themed day full of fun activities and music Sept. 20. WHES joined thousands of educators around the world for Rock Your School day to capture students’ attention with fun experiences. Students were able to dress up in rock inspired garb and make fake musical instruments.


“Our Rock Star teachers captivated students through engaging learning opportunities ranging from kindergarteners drawing self-portraits and writing about a time when they felt like a rock star to our fifth grade students who read rock star biographies,” said Angela Rose, principal. “Students and staff had a rockin' day!”


Students were greeted in to their classrooms with rock star worthy red carpet décor. Each classroom had unique lessons where students were using special pens for glow in the dark, disappearing ink to decode messages and writing their own music.


“Our school created engaging and outside of the box lessons while using the content we were already teaching in our classrooms! The kids loved it and it was "the best day ever!" according to my students,” said, Lauren Besler, kindergarten teacher.


Cade Benedict, kindergartner  Mrs. Besler  Teachers at whes

Samantha Dosen