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RVES Greets Students for First Day of School

Ridgeview Elementary School picked up right where it left off on the last day of school before the start of summer break.

Brittney Schantz spends her first day with students as a Kindergarten teacher at RVES August 3

On the first day of school, Friday, August 3, Andrea Aragon, RVES assistant principal, greeted every student at the front door. The welcome is part of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program, for which RVES earned recognition as a National Showcase School by the program sponsor in 2017.


“I think that really helps the kids feel welcome when they come every day,” said Mark Krug, the father of a RVES first-grader.

RVES first-grade teacher Katharina Bock show Hallie Krug where to line up for her first day of school

Krug joined other parents as they dropped off their students with their teachers in the RVES gym.


“I look forward to building relationships with the kids,” said Katharina Bock, RVES first-grade teacher. Bock went on to explain what energizes her at the start of a new school year. “Using love and logic,” she said. “Getting them to come up with their own rules for the classroom and take ownership of that.”


In the RVES classrooms, children settled in to learn the daily schedule with their teachers.

Sayya Ogden, RVES second-grader, works on a warm up assignment on her first day of school, August 3

“The teachers are excited to start the first day with the new students and embark on a new journey for the year,” said RVES Assistant Principal Kim Moore. The payoff for preparing for the new year, she said, is front and center on the first day of school.


“We get to see the bright, smiling faces, which makes what we do on the front end worth all the energy we put out.” 


Heidi McClure, RVES second-grade teacher, works with students on the first day of school, August 3   Rieley Carroll, RVES third-grader, listens in class during RVES' first day of school, August 3  RVES Assistant Principal Kim Moore visits a classroom on the first day of school, August 3

David Nancarrow