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ICA Families, Staff Embrace The Arts

 Second-grader Harley Atchison, 7, and Isabella Atchison, 13, create Venetian masks. Students, parents, and staff members participated in an “Evening of the Arts” Nov. 17 at Imagine Classical Academy Indigo Ranch. Activities centered around an international theme, and included included Venetian mask-making, origami paper folding, Kempo demonstrations and a German lantern festival.

The event was co-hosted by National Junior Arts Honor Society students, who assisted with demonstrations and activities. “My kids are amazing,” said Christine DeVivo, art teacher. The school’s Parent Teacher Organization also contributed financially.

An art show was held in the school’s gymnasium, where parents could purchase framed student artwork. “It lets the kids who are really artsy show off their stuff,” said DeVivo. The funds raised will go towards enrichment team activities. The school choir and band also performed for attendees.

Laughter filled the school’s foyer as “life-size” Jenga blocks, made from cardboard boxes, tumbled down while students played the game. “This is our night to have some fun and be whacky,” said DeVivo.

Elisabeth Kermanshahi, German teacher, celebrated St. Martin’s Day by hosting a traditional lantern festival. The lights were lowered in the gymnasium while German club members held illuminated lanterns and sang a song. Attendees were also invited to create a paper house “lantern” with a battery powered tea-light placed inside.

In an adjacent room, parent volunteer Robert Talltree played a Native American medicine flute, and explained the origin of the instrument. He also brought artifacts from his family to display.

Deidre and Benoit Arbour, parent volunteers, hosted activities from Canada. Students painted their unique version of the aurora borealis using chalk and construction paper. Canadian phrases adorned a wall while music filled the room. “Sucre a al creme”, a dessert similar to fudge, was also offered.

In another classroom, students created Venetian masks with art supplies. Parent Cathi Welsh explained that the art programs are what drew her to the charter school.

DeVivo explained the importance of inviting parents to visit the schools and participate in the activities. “It helps us to celebrate each other.”


: Seventh-grader Nadilynn Vasquez, 13, applies face paint for Paulina Almanza, 12.


 Gabrielle Oshiro and fourth-grader Logan Oshiro, 10, perform a song.


 Third-grader Evan Esquibel, 8, plays a “life-size” game of Jenga.


 Robert Talltree gives a demonstration.


Kindergartener Layla Cheatwood, 5, and first-grader Maya Cheatwood, 7, create aurora borealis artwork.

 Amy Newby and second-grader Grant Newby, 7, create origami balloons.





Kayla Maldonado