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Launching Rockets: SSAE Students Fulfill Their Missions

There’s nothing better than watching and seeing students participate in a project-based learning project that culminates in success. Fifth and sixth grade and high school students at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence (SSAE) showed off their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills by launching their rockets today, May 23.

Students in Mr. Wixom’s high school Intro to Engineering and Laura De La Garza’s middle school classes completed a course structured around NASA’s  Artemis Mission. Students learned about and created lunar bases and engineering, designing and creating their own rockets using base blueprints and 3D printing technology available at SSAE and using kits purchased through grant funds.

On hand to assist the students were Colorado Springs Rocket Society members, “Our mission is to help make rocketry experiences fun, successful, and safe,” said CSRS president David Virga. “This is a great STEM activity for students; you have math, physics, aerodynamics, the chemistry of motors, etc.… You can roll this all up into one nice, neat, and fascinating educational activity. This is a great project for future engineers.”

Students successfully launched their rockets to 500-700’ altitudes from a launch pad made by CSRS member George Cochran, a retired Electrical Engineering instructor who created an intricate 12-rocket launch pad site. Cochran also explained to students how the launch would work through the pad system.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Cochran. “There are many ways these students can continue learning and getting involved with rockets, and that’s a great thing.”




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Amy Bremser