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New Principals Welcome New School Year

District 49 has started the 2022-23 school year with brand new principals in three of our buildings.

Principal Kris Levi welcomes parents on the first day of school.


Mike Wedor is serving at Skyview Middle School, Ed Kulbacki at Falcon Elementary School of Technology, and Kris Levi at Odyssey Elementary School. Though new to the principal role, these educators have years of experience and leadership that will have positive impacts to the school district.

These principals shared their thoughts on the excitement of the new school year and the opportunities they have to engage staff, students and families.

What excites you about this school year?

Mike Wedor, SMS: I am excited to work with the amazing staff, students, and families at Skyview. We have some great opportunities this school year to partner with parents to allow them to take part in their students' education. We are ready for a fun and engaging school year. GO EAGLES!

Ed Kulbacki, FESoT:
I'm excited to meet the new students and families at Falcon Elementary.  Seeing students learn and get excited about what they are learning, and engaging with their teachers is something that always energizes me.

Kris Levi, OES:
I am so excited for that moment when our students first walk through the door! While I had a brief chance to meet students at the end of the last school year, our team is looking forward to building and strengthening relationships with our kids and families.

What are your thoughts going into the first day of school?

Ed Kulbacki, FESoT:
I am looking forward to learning about Falcon Elementary and its community.  I am interested in seeing what kinds of clubs or events the community will embrace and support as well.

Kris Levi, OES:
There is always a spark on the first day of school. The sun seems to be shining a little brighter, the smiles seem a little bigger, and opportunities await. Our teachers and staff have been working hard to make sure the first day is a launchpad for success.

Mike Wedor, SMS
: Our team has worked hard over the summer with planning and preparing for our students to walk through the doors for the ‘22-’23 school year. I am eager to see the students and to see the excitement they have to begin a fresh school year. My thoughts will be around being grateful for the opportunity to serve as Skyview's next principal.

Principal Ed Kulbacki prepares for the new school year.

What are you looking forward to in regards to working with your teachers and staff?

Kris Levi, OES: Our teachers and staff are known for having extensive experiences that are balanced with a willingness to innovate and try new ideas. We make sure that foundations are strong, but we also have an eye on the future and want to build leaders of tomorrow. The insights they have shared and the questions we have asked have led to great conversations within our building.

Mike Wedor, SMS: We have an amazing group of returning teachers and staff as well as a great group of new teachers and staff. I am really looking forward to our team coming together, and supporting our students and families. I look forward to learning from them as we move forward to create the best middle school for students.

Ed Kulbacki, FESoT: I look forward to helping people and supporting their goals in the classroom to engage and support students in meaningful learning. This may come from discussions about instructional practices and professional development. Student engagement and learning makes teachers’ jobs meaningful.

What words do you have for parents to start the year? 

Mike Wedor, SMS: We value YOU! We will strive to provide timely and accurate communication. As well as give opportunities to share your ideas. Please know that our staff work hard every day to ensure your student gets the very best middle school experience. Working together, it will be a great year!

Ed Kulbacki, FESoT: We are here to help and support your student(s). Partner with us, and let's work together to make school a great experience for kids.

Kris Levi, OES: We are going to do everything we can to support and uplift students toward a future of success. Whether this is by capturing their hearts and ensuring emotional success, using sound teaching techniques, looking for ways to involve families, or using after-school activities to teach the whole-child, we are honored to share in the development of kids.

Students will be filling the halls soon, what does this signify, or mean to you?

Ed Kulbacki, FESoT: When students are laughing, joking, and calling out to one another, it means that the building is ready to get busy and embrace a new year. It's definitely a sense of renewal because those kindergartners start the process of school once again.

Kris Levi, OES: Our staff members have chosen this profession, and we have stayed in education, because it closely appeals to who we are. While the summer is a great and necessary time to rest and refresh, students being back in our hallways mean we are fulfilling our purpose.

Mike Wedor, SMS: It’s a new school year that brings new opportunities and excitement for our school community. We have done our best to prepare for this moment, and all of our hard work is paying off.

Joel Quevillon