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BOE Recognizes Teams from FMS and RVES During Fantastic 49

Two teams, which included both students and staff members, were honored for their contributions to the district prior to the regular monthly Board of Education meeting Feb. 8.

Victoria Villescas, technology teacher and coach, is honored during the Fantastic 49 celebration Feb. 8.


The broadcasting team from Falcon Middle School was recognized for transforming the morning announcements at their school. The team includes Kendra Ramirez and Tim Scheck, teachers at FMS, along with Helen Mosquera, 13, seventh-grader, and Mason Premer, 12, seventh-grader. Ramirez has previous broadcasting experience and offers the student guidance with scriptwriting. Scheck provides technical leadership for the students.


“I’ve been blown away by how professional the crew is,” remarked Scheck. “Whenever I’m gone, I don’t have any concerns that everything won’t go off without a hitch.”


Mosquera is an anchor for the newscast and also writes scripts. Premer prefers working behind the scenes on the production side. “I’m so thankful to these wonderful teachers and Mr. Smith for letting me be in this program,” shared Mosqera.


A team of enrichment teachers from Ridgeview Elementary School that works closely together was also honored.


Kim O’Connor, library media specialist, was thanked for providing students with a fun and creative maker space lab. “I can say a million great things about Kim,” stated Theresa Ritz, principal at RVES. “She’s going to leave a legacy at Ridgeview.”


Sue Ann Ross, library paraprofessional, was honored for cultivating a love of reading in students. Ross also supports staff in countless ways with media needs.


Victoria Villescas, technology teacher and coach, was recognized for keeping RVES up and running with all things related to technology. She has provided students with virtual reality field trips and often provides answers to technology challenges for teachers. “We are so much a creative team,” shared Villescas. “If ones of us gets an idea, we all jump in and make it happen!”


Cheri Bagby, technology and math paraprofessional, wrapped up the honors for RVES. Bagby was honored for helping integrate technology into classrooms and for taking on the role of expert with ST Math and Reflex Math at the school.

Kendra Ramirez, FMS teacher, receives honors at the Feb. 8 Fantastic 49 celebration.  . Sue Ann Ross, library paraprofessional, is recognized during Fantastic 49 festivities Feb. 8.  . Tim Scheck shares thoughts on the broadcasting team during the Feb. 8 Fantastic 49 celebration.

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