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Bulldogs Bring “A” Game for Class Tournament at End of Basketball Unit

Celebrations for MRES students after a basketball game Dec. 1. Fourth and fifth grade students at Meridian Ranch Elementary School participated in a basketball tournament Dec. 1 to wrap up their month long physical education unit.

Using a traditional tournament bracket, fourth and fifth grade classes took to the hardwood under the direction of MRES PE coach Tarike Adams.

“This has been wild,” said Adams. “Some of the kids who didn’t seem to be overly excited during class drills are getting super competitive out there today.”

From spacing on the floor, to dribbling skills and boxing out for rebounds to the correct form for shooting, the students put it all together during the late morning tournament.

“Did you get that?” said Kris Levi, MRES technology instructor, after elevating for a layup during a transition time between two games. Levi was warmly received as the entertainment portion of the tournament.

MRES students play basketball Dec. 1.  MRES students play basketball Dec. 1.  MRES students cheer Dec. 1.

There’s no official word on how high he jumped, but one student was overheard to say, “he didn’t jump very high.”

“Charge!” yelled students and parents as Craig Phipps, music teacher, played the tune often heard during sporting events.

“It’s pretty loud in there,” said Sheehan Freeman-Todd, MRES principal. “They’re really excited about this.”

MRES students play basketball Dec. 1.  MRES music teacher Craig Phipps plays "charge" Dec. 1.  Basketball action at MRES Dec. 1.

Matt Meister