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Falcon High School Juniors Defeat Seniors at Peach Fuzz Volleyball

Juniors celebrate a win during a peach fuzz volleyball game Sept. 20 at Falcon High School in District 49. After three games of boys coached by the girls volleyball team, juniors defeated seniors, 2-1. Within the first 5 minutes, juniors had scored 5 to 1 and continued the momentum throughout the game.


“Peach fuzz is a fun opportunity for the girls to coach the boys in the sport of volleyball,” said Cheryl Goodyear-DeGeorge, Falcon High School principal. “Powder Puff will give the boys the chance to coach the girls in football and let them switch roles for a day.”


“Boys get to see how hard the sport it,” said Morgan Moss, girls head volleyball coach. “Volleyball is overlooked and I love getting to watch how athletic the boys are while playing. They’re future Olympic athletes.”


Students cheered their class on until the last play. “Get involved!” said Gage Remington, 17, senior peach fuzz player at Falcon High School. “Especially if it’s your senior year, get involved!” 


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Samantha Dosen