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Team Members Recognized During Fantastic 49

Trust is one of our core commitments in District 49. During the Fantastic 49 presentation on Jan. 13 before the board of education meeting, six staff members were honored for demonstrating their dedication to building trust with staff, students, and parents.

Ines Stabler receives an award at the January Fantastic 49 presentation.

Kim Marshall, math teacher at Skyview Middle School, received accolades for earning the trust of a family new to SMS. “My daughter and Mrs. Marshall just bonded,” shared Amie Prupas, parent and D49 colleague. “She’s always been there to help, always able to be there for Morgan. Even now, in ninth grade, we can still call her for help … To Morgan, she is like another mom.”

The next team member honored was Sandy Hogan, a teacher on special assignment in special education, who is viewed as a trusted resource in the individualized education department. “Sandy has a willingness to learn and always supports our staff with patience and kindness,” said Lisa Amthor, individualized education programs specialist. “I am extremely grateful to have Sandy on my team.”

Leatha Hansz, another staff member from individualized education, was also recognized. Hansz, a compliance assistant, was thanked for her servant attitude and for building positive relationships across D49. “Leatha approaches each day with a joyful attitude and willingness to support others,” said Amthor. “She goes above and beyond supporting colleagues with questions and guidance.” 

The line-up of honorees was completed by celebrating three team members who have contributed significantly to the district’s restorative practices initiative: Jessica Odell, social worker; Anthony Rush, ROTC instructor at Vista Ridge High School; and Ines Stabler, instructional coach. They have each stepped up countless times to help students and staff build, maintain, and repair relationships, the heart of restorative practices.

“I turn to Jessica when I have a special circumstance that needs the extra care of someone in her field. While she beautifully navigates the small miscommunications, she can also bring forth healing and tough questions to allow individuals to process and reflect,” said Lea Holland, BRIGHT initiative project manager.

Jessica Odell is honored at the most recent Fantastic 49 celebration.

“Master Sgt. Rush creates a safe place for students and sets the precedent that each individual will be supported as well as held accountable,” shared Holland. “This skill set gives him an approachability and trustworthiness when working with adults.”

“Ines dove into restorative practices without really knowing how it would fit into her day-to-day interactions,” explained Holland. “She has developed her practice remarkably since her first time and is always one of the first to volunteer when needed.”

Fantastic 49 is the district’s recognition program that celebrates fantastic staff, students, and community members before the board of education meetings. A sincere thank you to Air Academy Federal Credit Union, Dion’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Whirlyball for donating gift cards for all honorees.

Leatha Hansz makes remarks at the Jan. 13 Fantastic 49 presentation.. Anthony Rush is one of the honorees at the January Fantastic 49 celebration.. Sandy Hogan makes remarks during the January Fantastic 49 presentation.

Amy Matisek