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Student Produced Story: PPEC Student Encourages Expression Through Art

Below is a student report from Kanah Hollinrake, Pikes Peak Early College tenth-grader, regarding the artisitc skills of fellow PPEC student. We celebrate the opportunity to share this student created content with you:

Kaine holds his latest creation. PPEC Student Encourages Expression Through Art
By: Kanah Hollinrake, Pikes Peak Early College Student

As many of you know, our very own Kaine Greathouse is a phenomenal artist. Kaine grew up experimenting with art from when he was very young, drawing and spray-painting especially. He now spray paints inspiring pictures of the galaxy.

“My favorite part is being able to express myself and show everyone what I can do,” said Kaine. He wants to encourage others to try spray-painting art because it’s an easy hobby. However, he explained that he doesn’t necessarily want to encourage people to do exactly what he’s doing. “Art is about expressing yourself, everyone’s style is different.”

Kaine hopes to have a future career involving art. If that doesn’t work out he plans to keep it as a hobby to make some extra money.

Matt Meister