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Staff Lauded for Leadership in 2020

In the midst of a season of learning unlike any the district has seen before, team members across D49 are working hard every day to make D49 the best choice to learn, work and lead. The board of education honored six of these employees during Fantastic 49 festivities Sept. 23 before the monthly board of education work session.

Ashley Bergland, take flight therapist at ALLIES, is honored during Fantastic 49 Sept. 23.

The board learned about valuable contributions from Wendy Shiverdecker, purchasing and contract specialist in the business office. “I honestly don’t know how we would have gotten through the round of E-learning without Wendy,” Stacy Packer’s nomination from Falcon Elementary School of Technology noted. “She was there to assist with getting hot spots, curriculum, cases for iPads and more.”

Sarah McAfee, principal at Odyssey Elementary, was celebrated for her creative ideas that led her school to adapt quickly to E-learning. “She is truly a visionary and designs new materials to meet the needs of these challenging times,” explained Pam Holloman, assistant principal at Inspiration View Elementary School. “Sarah’s heart is about helping and empowering others.”

Three team members from ALLIES — the Academy for Literacy, Learning and Innovation Excellence — accepted Fantastic 49 honors, including Ashley Bergland, take flight therapist. “I want to honor Ashley for the love, grace and support she gave to a mother … in the end, Ashley’s passion for a struggling child saved the day,” shared Rebecca Thompson, director of academic services. 

Abbie Kennedy, English/language arts professor at ALLIES, received kudos for coming to the rescue when the school needed last-minute technology solutions just days before the 2020-21 school year started. “She stayed by my side in texts, phone calls and emails, learning new platforms,” said Thompson. “By Sunday night, she had a presentation and a smile.”

Rounding out the group receiving ALLIES accolades was Katie Scott, special education resource teacher who serves a full caseload of 37 students. “Scott isn’t at ALLIES because she wants a job. She is there because she wants to save lives,” shared Thompson. “She believes that each child is the most important little being ever to make their way into her room and into her heart.”

Fantastic 49 concluded with an honor for Roseann Palfrey, registrar from central enrollment. “She is one of the stars in the district that acts as an onramp for families,” remarked Matt Barrett, director of data and performance. “She is wonderful at making families feel welcomed and confident that they have made the right choice.”

Rebecca Thompson, director of academic services at ALLIES, gives accolades to staff during Fantastic 49 Sept. 23. Roseann Palfrey, registrar, is celebrated during Fantastic 49 festivities Sept. 23. Abbie Kennedy, English/language arts professor at ALLIES, receives kudos during Fantastic 49 Sept. 23.