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Team Members Honored for Serving, Supporting Others

Staff across District 49 dedicate themselves to helping both students and colleagues. At the heart of how they treat each other and their work is the D49 cultural compass, which emphasizes care and respect. The board of education recognized four individuals during Fantastic 49 festivities before the regular board meeting September 12 for their commitment to serving others.

 Adriane Jasper is honored as a Teacher of the Year Sept. 12.

The evening began by celebrating two additional Teachers of the Year. In August, Teachers of the Year from all D49 schools were honored. This month, the board applauded exceptional teachers from D49 programs.


Adriane Jasper, PEAK Program, and Tammy Peterson, Falcon Homeschool Program, received honors as Teachers of the Year. Jasper is dedicated to student learning and never shows frustration, even in challenging situations. Peterson is known for taking time to inspire students of all abilities.


Paraprofessional Sandi Heckel, Falcon Homeschool Program, received accolades for helping with numerous events to include picture day, field trips, school dances and more. “She will assist anyone, child or adult, in any way she can,” shared Jeanette McMahon, homeschool program colleague.


To wrap up festivities, the board honored Chantel Hodges, district building custodial supervisor. Hodges consistently ensures facilities work orders are taken care of quickly and efficiently. “She has a ‘can-do’ attitude and is always willing to help anyone,” shared Kari Frederick, colleague and one of two individuals who nominated Hodges.

Tammy Peterson is honored as Falcon Homeschool Teacher of the Year Sept. 12.  . D49 team member shows appreciation for fellow colleague during Sept. 12 Fantastic 49.  . Falcon Homeschool Program paraprofessional is recognized during the Fantastic 49 celebration Sept. 12.