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Pillar: Innovation & Growth

Innovation & Growth Goals

  • All stakeholders have an opportunity to have a voice in zone initiatives
  • Personalized learning paths for student with an emphasis in individual development
  • Increase enrollment from outside the zone and district

Innovation & Growth Strategic Initiatives

  • Convene a focus group of parents who have selected Sand Creek Zone to gather input into the "why" of their decision to choice in
  • Hold three annual showcases of opportunities to "pursue excellence" via individual paths (student presented)
  • Increase web presence with a focus on the innovative opportunities for students. Track site visits
  • Add a question to the student engagement survey to track response to new paths (initiatives)
  • Convene a "Bright Ideas" committee to mine and incentivize innovations

Innovation & Growth Annual Measures of Success

  • Increase the number of students "choicing in" to Sand Creek Zone from __ to __