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GOAL High School Celebrates Class of 2022

Sitting together, for the final time as students, the GOAL High School (A D49 authorized public charter school: read more here) Class of 2022 considered a final question from their principal:picture of GOAL Academy Class of 2022

“How will you make a splash in this river of life?” asked Kyle Young, GOAL principal (Colorado Springs Region). “Will you take small steps as you enter? Will you enter stunningly as an Olympic diver? Or will it be a tidal wave?” 

165 GOAL students from the Colorado Springs region pondered a response and listened to commencement speakers at the Broadmoor World Arena Friday, June 2. The World Arena welcomed a full house of friends and family to celebrate the completion of these students’ high school journey. 

A number of students in the Class of 2022 acknowledged their journeys were at times difficult. Maryn Flores explained at one point, finishing high school seemed uncertain.

“I stopped for a long time. I stalled,” she said. “I was at a point where either I was going to do it or I wasn’t going to do it.” 

Picture of graduate, Maryn Flores with daughter HeatherFlores saw the opportunity to take advantage of GOAL’s blended learning model, and earned her diploma all while expecting her now two-week old daughter Heather.  

“I started pushing, and I went back to school,” Maryn said. “Now that she’s here and I've graduated it's an amazing feeling.” 

Principal York encouraged each graduate to put their hard work to good use. 

“You have built a toolbox of academic and social skills you can pull from whenever the need arises,” York said. “At this moment, your toolbox is filled and your pathways are plentiful, because you have accomplished a major stepping stone towards your future. Pick up your toolbox, jump into that river, and get to making the most out of your life.” 



picture of graduation ceremony picture of smiling graduate picture of graduate with son 

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