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Scorpions Meet In-Person for SCHS Senior Sunrise

As the hour drew closer to 9:00 a.m. Friday, October 2, a group of Sand Creek High School seniors walked onto the track at Scorpion stadium. Each grabbed a Class of 2021 t-shirt and some breakfast before finding a place to sit on the turf for the annual Senior Sunrise. Senior sunrise event photo on sand creek football field

“It is an exciting event to be together for once,” said Sydney Weaver SCHS class president. “I feel like people are going to be excited to see their friends.”

The traditional beginning-of-the-year event marked the first opportunity for the seniors to assemble in person as the Class of 2021. Ahead of fall break, D49 high school students choosing in-person learning are in class two days a week on alternating days as buildings follow a 50 percent capacity model. The alternating day schedule is part of the gradual return to in-person learning during the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency.

“Parents comment on our Facebook: ‘Please have events for our kids. They need this, they want to do stuff,’” SCHS student council advisor and teacher Lauren Stuart observed. “I’m just happy they can have something, and hopefully we can have more events throughout the year.”

About 150 students spent the morning enjoying the sunshine and some time together away from the classroom or E-learning setting.

“It’s been kind of crazy with everything going on so, it’s nice to have a little bit of normalcy,” said SCHS senior Ella Scott.

Students and school leaders shared the excitement and remain cautiously optimistic about safely holding more traditional events like this one as the school year continues.

“It's kind of hard to not really have the exact senior year that everybody dreams about,” Weaver said. “So making the most of what we have is definitely something!”

students walk to football field for senior sunrise  sand creek teacher directs student to position on football field  the sand creek class of 2021 meets for senior sunrise

David Nancarrow