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BOE Appoints Director District Four

The District 49 Board of Education is once again fully staffed. Colorado Springs resident John Koster will serve as Director of D49’s District Four. The seat, previously held by Joshua Fry, remained open at the conclusion of the November 5 election. In December, the BOE opened the position to interested applicants from District Four. Koster, a long time resident in the area, submitted the sole application. John Koster answered questions from the BOE Jan. 22

“We need to make sure we’re hearing all sides of the story and come up with the best solution,” he told the BOE. “When you take that approach and let people get their opinions you always come up with the best solution. I think I could bring that kind of discussion and attitude for the district."

Director Koster has a background in the military, coming to the BOE with a 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force, followed by more than ten years in the aerospace industry. He currently works for the U.S. Air Force Space Command support staff. The BOE interviewed Koster during the January 22 work session and approved his nomination at the conclusion of the interview. Koster’s swearing in took place during a special meeting directly after the work session.

“The military and my civilian career have taught me very much about things like governance, leadership, management, budgets, leading personnel and that kind of thing,” Koster said.

The married father of two watched his children grow as learners in District 49, and now has a granddaughter attending a D49 elementary school.

“I want to help District 49 become a great district-- continue to be that great district,” Koster told the BOE. “I just believe in serving the community.”

The D49 BOE interviewed Director District Four candidate John Koster Jan. 22  BOE members Rick Van Wieren (left) and Dave Cruson (right) interview John Koster Jan. 22  John Koster (right) takes the oath to serve on the D49 Board of Education Jan. 22

David Nancarrow