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RES Students Reach for the Stars

RES student leaving planetarium Remington Elementary Students had a rare opportunity from The Challenger Learning Center to visit a mobile planetarium on December 10. 

Students were rotated by class to visit the mobile planetarium located in the gymnasium led by Challenger Learning Center professionals for 30-minute lessons on Earth, planet rotation and the solar system. 

“The Challenger Learning Center was gracious enough to bring all of our students to space for a day,” said Brett Coddington, K-5 Project Lead the Way Instructor. “The students learned about the phases of the Moon, the constellations, and our nearest neighbors in space-the planets.” 

Challenger Learning Center’s mobile planetarium is a domed system, where students have the opportunity to see the universe as they’ve never seen before. They’re able to see images and hear stories from guided professionals about a variety of cultures about constellations, travel back in time or into the future to see the night sky, and take a close-up look at the planets in our Solar System.

“This was truly a learning adventure for our learners. Students were highly engaged in the solar system, said Lisa Fillo, principal. “Students counted down and yelled ‘blast off!’ as they were taken to another planet or constellation.” 

“Students asked so many questions and I had no idea there were nearly 100 moons around Jupiter, said Fillo. “It was a great learning experience for me too. Kudos to Mr. Coddington and the Challenger Space Center for bringing this great learning opportunity to all our students and preschoolers.”


 Lisa Walker, teacher   RES students

Samantha Dosen