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Falcon Zone Staff Finalists for Digital Convergence Awards

Firebird Nation Campus Executive Principal Brian Smith and Aaron Lentner, Meridian Ranch Brian Smith, Executive Principal Firebird Nation Campus Elementary School third-grade teacher are both finalists for top recognition by the National Council on Digital Convergence. According to the NCDC, Smith and Lentner exemplify modern learning at the school and classroom level, respectively. 

Working with the nationally recognized Modern Teacher platform, the Falcon Zone deploys digital convergence on its campuses through the EmpowerFZ model, which the FZ developed to meet the needs of the current generation of learners.

“Students don’t learn the same way today,” Smith said. “We want to provide them those cutting-edge opportunities to really meet their needs, but give them those skills for the future.”

“It’s about engaging students with what we have with the influx of technology, and how much you can do with that,” Lentner added. 

Smith, who is a finalist for the Change Management Principal of the Year award, explained the progress taking place within the Falcon Zone is a direct result of the buy-in and hard work of the teachers in the FZ.

“My staff are working so hard,” Smith shared. “I am so proud of all my teachers in the work they’re doing to continue to drive and push, and that has been rewarding to see we are providing those things for kids.”

As a finalist in the category of Personalized Learning Classroom of the Year, Lentner is recognized for creating an environment for a tech-savvy group of students.

“It’s really about harnessing technology, getting them to work collaboratively with each other, bringing out that creativity and getting away from the paper and pencil worksheets, and really doing things they’re going to be excited about,” he explained.

Smith and Lentner will attend the NCDC20 conference in February where they, along with four other finalists, will learn who will take home top honors.

“This is so cool,” Smith said. “It’s humbling, and honoring, and so neat to think ‘wow I’m making the difference I wanted to make.’” Aaron Lentner, Meridian Ranch Third Grade Teacher

“It’s a really humbling thing, and I’m excited to go to the conference and learn from others and share our ideas,” Lentner shared. “It’s an exciting time to be a teacher.”

David Nancarrow