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MRES Celebrate Veterans

MRES students at concernt Meridian Ranch Elementary School honored veterans with a patriotic concert Nov. 11. MRES fourth graders gathered in red, white and blue for an American celebration thanking veterans for their service.

After a student led presentation of the flag, the celebration continued with classic American-themed songs and Armed Forces medley directed by Craig Phipps, music teacher.

“Meridian Ranch had an excellent Veteran's Day assembly today,” said Sheehan Freeman-Todd, principal. “We have a tradition of our fourth-grade classes performing our Veterans Day assembly and concert. Our students honor our military families by having them join our Meridian Ranch Clapout.”

Families were then asked to join in the “American Clapout” where the entire student body of MRES lines the hallways to clap and cheer veterans as they leave the school. The halls filled quickly with cheerful students and staff. Veterans were then honored by MRES with high-fives, hugs and cheering as they exited the building to thank them for their service.

 “It just went straight to my heart when they were singing,” said Nancy Vrana, Marine Corps veteran and grandparent of a second-grader at MRES. “I absolutely loved everything. The songs, the flags, the dancers and the all the children cheering us out.”

MRES student  MRES students during concert  MRES clapout

Samantha Dosen