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A Grand Opening for Grand Peak Academy

As the special event time of 4:30 p.m. drew closer Friday, October 25, seating in the Grand Peak Academy gym became harder to find. Leaders of Grand Peak Academy celebrate the opening of their new building in D49 Oct. 25

“A huge welcome to our most esteemed guests, you our parents, students and staff,” began GPA Board President Chris Dempsey during his welcoming remarks. A crowd of hundreds spilled out of the bleachers and onto the gym floor, on hand to get a good look at the finished D49 authorized charter school building on Cowpoke Road in the Forest Meadows neighborhood, north of Woodmen Road.

“The name Grand Peak is so fitting because at GPA we strive for the peak of excellence in all we do,” Dempsey told the crowd.

Joined by Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, GPA leaders thanked a long list of contributors who helped bring the school to life following a split from its previous partnership with the Imagine Schools’ charter program.

“The GPA team of faculty and staff is so entrepreneurial themselves – and they have worn so many hats as our school has evolved to where it is today, and we are all prepared to take Grand Peak Academy to the next level,” said GPA Principal Scott Hunter. "We are so fortunate to have access to the resources and expertise of D49. The District is both supportive of and welcoming to charter schools and they provide ongoing support and leadership to insure our success with students. Thank you."

The school’s new home near Vollmer and Black Forest roads boasts a 65,000 square foot building which will offer expanded learning areas for students and teachers, as well as a regulation size gym for sports.

The GPA staff spent much of the 2019 fall break moving into their new space and are now ready for a fresh start with a new name and new learning environment.

“It is extremely exciting,” shared Lucy Nelson, fourth-grade teacher. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and we are excited to have a new building in a place to teach the students.”

A large crowd spilled out of the bleachers for the Grand Peak Academy ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 25  Parents, students and other visitors toured Grand Peak Academy after the ribbon cutting Oct. 25  GPA Fourth-Grade Teacher Lucy Nelson (center) welcomes parents to her classroom after a ribbon cutting Oct. 25

David Nancarrow