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First-Year Teacher Looks Forward to a Bright Year at OES

Recent UCCS graduate Nicole Hibler joined the staff at Odyssey Elementary this year as a first-time second-grade teacher.

Hibler grew up in Pueblo, CO and graduated from East High School. After high school, she joined the Navy where she worked as an electrical engineer and firefighter. Hibler also works and teaches as a pharmacy technician on the weekends at Penrose Hospital.

"I'm really excited just to build wonderful relationships with all these kiddos and get them to learn," said Hibler.

As for her new co-workers, Hibler said, "They're really supportive, everyone is really caring in just wanting everyone to succeed, it's such a family environment."

"I chose teaching to support children and to help support them in reaching their dreams. I want every kiddo to feel loved and cared for and to have someone in their corner cheering them on."



Amy Bremser