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SRES Super Day of Science

SRES science rocket Springs Ranch Elementary School students participated in “Super Day of Science,” on Sept. 13.


Colorado College physics students volunteered their services for the day’s events as they prepared interactive science demonstration shows. SRES students rotated through each demonstration for a full day of super science experiences. 


The program is designed to engage elementary age students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities to encourage STEAM based career pathways.


“Colorado College provided six different hands on demonstrations on various topics,” said James Kyner, principal. “Students participated in sessions about air pressure, force & motion, lights, sound, rockets & astronomy, and electricity & magnetism. Students went home excited and talking about they experienced and learned."


“I liked that we did the experiment on marshmallows and that we saw an explosion!” exclaimed Kyairah Sanders, second-grader. “I didn’t know you could blow up marshmallows and they would get air.”


Science Experiments at SRES  student plugging ear during experiment  students watching experiments

Samantha Dosen