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Students Across District Win with Track and Field Day

Taylor Yazzie is happy with her shot put skills at the district track meet May 17 at FHS.
Nearly 400 fourth and fifth-graders from 10 schools across D49 participated at the all-district track meet May 17 at Falcon High School. Students were gathered together to practice physical education skills learned throughout the year and to experience competition.


“It’s my favorite day of the year,” shared Jeff Ingram, P.E. teacher from Springs Ranch Elementary School. “This day shows great collaboration with all the P.E. teachers in the district.” The event began 16 years ago and has expanded to include more events over the years.


Some elementary students were happy just to be there. “This is my first track meet,” remarked Delaila Pena, 10, fourth-grader at Stetson Elementary School. “I’m so excited.”


Student-athletes competed in individual dashes such as the 100m and 200m, relays, frisbee toss, long jump, softball throw and shot put.


“I am pretty athletic, and I like running with my dad,” commented Cori Flanagan, 11, fifth-grader at Remington Elementary School. “But, I learned that if you have fun, you win.”


Students were selected to participate based on sportsmanship, respect and grades. “The day was about giving students a taste of track and field,” stated Kelly Morton, P.E. teacher at RES. “Kids could see if it’s something they like.”


For those students who do want to pursue the sport in the future, they may someday be representing a D49 high school track team together.

Jackson McDaniel runs to a victory at the district track meet May 17 at FHS.  . RMCA students watch fellow knights participate in the all-district track meet May 17 at FHS.  . Isabella Glover races in a relay at the district track meet May 17 at FHS.  

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