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SES Celebrates Learning, Commemorates History

Science experiments, a wax museum, math bingo and a book walk were just some of the highlights of the “Learning Through the Decades” night at Stetson Elementary School May 15.

Sophia Patterson, 8, second-grader, plays math bingo at Learning Through the Decades event at SES May 15.


“The event celebrated the hard work done by teachers and students for the past school year and the last three decades,” shared Jeff Moulton, principal. “We appreciate the support and involvement from our families and school community.” SES opened in 1987.


A wax museum entertained attendees as fourth-grade students each selected a famous person to replicate in real life. The museum included athletes, authors, politicians and more. “As part of our learning standards, students explored research skills, wrote a report and developed a presentation,” shared Kendra Spencer, fourth-grade teacher.


The classes were filled with characters such as Michelle Obama and Laura Ingalls Wilder. “I chose Elvis because my big brother was Elvis before,” remarked Cohen Whiteland, 10, fourth-grader. “I look up to my big brother.”


Classrooms down the hallway featured fifth-graders sharing details about their science projects. Experiment themes included soda pop explosions, testing the durability of glue and learning about optimum conditions for growing flowers. Quentin Monck, 11, fifth-grader, studied how the fins of a rocket affect its flight. “The best part was building the rockets,” stated Monck.


Guest readers such as Dr. Mike Pickering, POWER Zone leader, along with past and present SES leaders, were on hand to share stories with students.


To complete the evening, families could take interest in a book fair and physical fitness activities in the gym. Students were encouraged to visit all of the event’s attractions to complete passports to be eligible for prizes.


Nearly 350 students and family members attended the night’s festivities.

Quentin Monck, 11, fifth-grader, shares his science project at SES May 15 during Learning Through the Decades event.  . Dr. Mike Pickering, POWER Zone leader, participates as a guest reader at SES May 15.  . Darianna Rodriguez, 10, fourth-grader, acts as Michelle Obama in the wax museum at SES May 15.

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