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Patriot High School Graduates Saluted for Success

Twenty-seven graduates from Patriot High School were commended for their success during a ceremony May 18.  The graduation took place at Creekside Success Center and highlighted accomplishments of the students and encouraged them for what is yet to come.

Student receives her diploma at the PHS graduation May 18 at Creekside Success Center.


“Watching our students walk across the stage at the end of the school year knowing what they have had to persevere to get to this place,” commented Jim Bonavita, principal, “is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in education.” This was Bonavita’s first year as principal of PHS.


Kevin Klein, president of Art C. Klein Construction, was the guest speaker, and he summed up his remarks with one word – learning. “Don’t forget where you came from and how you got to this point,” remarked Klein. “Some days will get tough, but it’s okay. You’ll get through it.” His advice included learning from failures, dreaming until a true calling takes shape, and to never expect something that is not earned.

David Avdem addresses the PHS class of 2018 at graduation May 18 at the Creekside Success Center.

David Avdem, graduate, spoke on behalf of the class of 2018 and shared sentiments of gratitude toward his school. “Six years ago, I met someone who gave me a new point of view … they showed me a different path … that path got me to where I am today – graduating,” shared Avdem. “This person is actually multiple people … it’s Patriot High School.”


Several PHS graduates agreed reaching the milestone of graduation wasn’t easy. It took hard work.

 PHS graduates celebrate May 18 at the ceremony at the Creekside Success Center.

“The last two years taught me how important getting an education is,” commented Dimitry Lykens. Lykens plans to continue his education to earn his HVAC certification.


“This is a huge step toward the real world,” stated Joseph Whittaker. “I am going to Pikes Peak Community College to start a career in the automotive industry.”


“I dealt with a lot of health issues this year,” remarked Victoria Olson. “Graduation is a stepping stone showing I could do it.”


“At the beginning of the year, I was two years behind,” shared Frances Hayes. “Patriot really helped me.”


To watch the live stream of the ceremony, click hereTo view the full album of graduation photos, visit our Facebook page here.


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