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SCHS Graduates Prepare For Next Chapter As ‘World Changers’

Sand Creek High School graduates More than 250 graduates of Sand Creek High School received diplomas May 27 during a commencement ceremony at The Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.

“Welcome class of 2017,” said Sydney Schroeder, senior class president, addressing her peers from the arena’s center podium. Seated behind the graduates were hundreds of supporting friends and family members, filling the bleachers with pride and applause.

“We have made it through more than high school,” said Schroeder, 18. “We have made it through the first major stage of life, and we are just getting started.”

Kristina Tran approached the podium as the graduating salutatorian. Tran, 18, was preparing to attend Colorado State University, where she’ll study biochemistry.

“Every senior here has grown as a protagonist of their very own story,” said Tran. “While I could talk about the support our friends and family have given us, what I want to focus on is the fact that, while you had support, what you’re doing and what you do today is all because of you. Every extra hour spent studying, every assignment turned in, that was you.”

Kristina Tran “May 27 of 2017 not only marks the end of this chapter, but the start of a new one. Wherever we decide to go, and whatever we decide to do — whether it’s classified as a success or a failure — I know we will take those experiences and we will learn from them.”

After a rendition of “I Am a Small Part of The World,” performed by the women’s select choir and women’s assemble, the graduating valedictorian approached the podium with words of wisdom.

“Now that this period in our life is over, it is our time,” said Jacob Hans, 18, who was preparing to attend University of Colorado Boulder to study computer science.

“It is our time to go out into the world and take our lives by the reigns,” said Hans.

“We are a conglomeration of incredibly talented, great looking people who will go on to shape the world. It is our time to make our mark and make the future better. We have always been told that we are the world changers, but ladies and gentleman it is finally our time to do so.”

“It is our time to chose our own lives, and make our own identity. We need to choose our own path, independent from our parents, our friends and our family. We need to make ourselves not only into what we want to be in the future, but what we need ourselves to be.”

In closing, Hans said, “It is finally our time to shine. Now let’s get out there and make this world a little brighter.”

Jacob Hans

Dustin Senger