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Grant Propels Learning at PLC

Mark Bittle from CenturyLink presents a check for $4200 to Paul Austin. "From design to an actual product, we are going to do some serious learning," said Paul Austin, PLC science teacher, after receiving a Teachers and Technology grant from CenturyLink. 
Austin and his students will use the 3D printer to create different propellers in a boat drag racing unit. "Without this grant, there's no way we could do the tinkering phase of the project," said Austin. "It isn't cost effective and there's no way we'd be able to wait for a manufacturer to do that process for us."
Austin says that students will be able to create different propeller configurations and propeller blade sizes to maximize propulsion on boats that are designed and created as part of the lesson. 
Paul Austin tells PLC students how a Century Teachers and Technology grant will be used. CenturyLink's Teachers and Technology program awards more than $150,000 annually across Colorado to support technology projects in schools. 253 applications were received from 88 schools in 56 districts during the 2014-2015 cycle. "Boat Drag racing and 3D printing caught our eye," said Mark Bittle, who was on hand from CenturyLink to present the grant award. "To be able to support Mr. Austin in teaching Newton's Laws of Physics and friction reduction at the secondary level is an honor for Century Link."
Austin will purchase the 3D printer and other materials as specified in the grant over the summer and will incorporate the new technology into the classroom during the 2015-2016 school year.  
Paul Austin with student created drag racing boats.  
Matt Meister