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Leadership Update - Jan. 2023

As we push through the start of a new calendar year and look ahead, the D49 Communications Team is pursuing a high-profile visibility campaign designed to amplify the excellent work taking place within our boundaries and the exceptional choices for every learner who attends a D49 school.

Great Choices Billboard Example

District leadership, in partnership with the comms team, sees a strategic opportunity to clearly state that great choices launch every student to success, showcasing D49 programs and learners. While enrollment is not necessarily a current challenge, amplifying the expanding, exceptional choices available to every D49 learner, along with the scope of work taking place across the district to support those opportunities is a key component of promoting our vision and mission. This long-range visibility campaign will run throughout 2023, creating awareness and appreciation for what truly makes D49 great.

We are excited about this effort and believe this investment will broadcast why D49 is the Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead. Our campaign will promote our portfolio of schools, establish our brand among the top-three largest school districts in the region and celebrate our workforce.

Keep an eye out on the following channels for promotional messaging that will help us reach parents, students, our workforce and others across the Pikes Peak Region:

  • Billboard ads along the Powers corridor and on Woodmen Road

  • D49 social media

  • Peakview Screens in buildings across D49

  • Local movie theater screens

  • Local radio stations

  • Banners on D49 campuses

In closing, it is a privilege of the comms team to share the stories of our schools, our students and our workforce. The excellence we see at all levels and locations is a result of the D49 brand of care and commitment to serving our students, families and community.  

We salute you for making our work a pleasure. 

There’s more to come, and we’ll keep you posted.

Proudly serving the D49 Team,

David Nancarrow,
Director of Communications