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Equipping Our Paraprofessionals

Thanks to past VoW Annual Survey feedback, new training opportunities for paraprofessionals kicked off last month. D49 special and general education teachers, and coaches attended a training to learn about the unique roles of paraeducators, and ways to support them.

D49 team members learn about responsibilities of paraprofessionals.

With a “train the trainer” model, attendees can take the content back to their individual school teams. “This model equips buildings with resources and materials to train and support their paraprofessionals on a variety of topics and allows us to provide district-level opportunities,” shared Dr. Kathy Pickering, coordinator of professional learning.

During the session, the cohort of trainers was equipped to teach paraeducator academies focused on topics including behavior management, communication support needs, vocabulary and comprehension, instructional strategies and more.

“The training was hands down one of the best trainings I have ever received over the course of my career,” shared Erin Cox, SPED teacher, HMS. “I wish I had this training 12 years ago when I first started teaching.”

Amy Matisek