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Get to Know the VCT

In District 49, we place high value on the voice of our workforce. Our vision and mission is to be “The Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead,” and we know we’ll get there faster and more efficiently if we listen to you. That’s why we developed the Voice of the Workforce (VoW) System. The VoW System is truly integral to our culture and strategy of continuous improvement, and is comprised of four pillars: VoW Annual Survey, VoW Learning Tours, VoW Rollout and Rounding, and the VoW Collaboration Team. In this article, we’ll highlight the VoW Collaboration Team (VCT).

VCT graphic

The VCT is a representative body of employees from schools and departments across the district. The concept was formed in 2017 as the Teacher Compensation Task Force (TCTF) to make recommendations for how to disburse new revenue resulting from the passage of the 2016 mill levy override (MLO) that stipulated new funds would be used to improve teacher compensation. As a result, the membership of the TCTF was limited to teachers.  

Recognizing the value and contributions of the TCTF, we convened a next generation of the team in SY17-18, which reconfigured the group with the addition of educational support and professional-technical workforce segment representatives. The group was renamed the “VoW Compensation Team.” Over time, the team considered topics that were broader than pay, so the group’s name was modified in SY20-21 to the current “VoW Collaboration Team.”

As representatives of D49 schools and departments, VCT members serve as conduits of information and as a resource to the staff they represent. They carry information, ideas and questions from their colleagues to VCT meetings.  Afterwards, representatives take information, ideas and questions back to their colleagues.

Four times a year, once in the fall and three times in the spring, representatives from the VCT convene. The agenda typically includes presentations on current, relevant topics such as staffing, benefits and compensation. Because the district budget is integral to pay and benefits, the agenda usually includes a presentation from our finance leader about the budget situation, challenges and opportunities. 

The work of our VCT continues to serve as an important pillar in District 49. Do you have an idea, question or opinion you want shared with D49 leaders? Have a conversation with your location’s VCT representative. It’s one way you’ll know that your voice is heard.