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Leadership Update - Nov. 2019

Hello 49ers,

We continue to grow! A few numbers will help me tell that story. It's a simple question with a complicated answer. How many students do we have in District 49? The complexity is due to our portfolio of schools. In total, reports for D49 indicate we have approximately 26,700 students this school year. That ranks us as the 12th largest of the 178 school districts in Colorado.

District 49 is the largest provider of online education in the state. More than 7,700 of our students (1,000 higher than last year) pursue online education through either GOAL Academy (5,000 students) or our BOCES affiliate (2,700 students). More than 1,000 of the GOAL high school seniors this year are 19 years old or older. This is evidence we are providing a way for students who may not have that opportunity otherwise to get their diploma – a highly moral and ethical pursuit of which we should all be proud.

D49 is also known as the best charter school authorizer in Colorado. This year, we have 5,000 students (300 more than last year) attending our six in-district charter schools.  Charter schools are important to provide both choice to students and families, and to help accommodate our explosive growth every year.

The core, the foundation, of D49 is our district operated schools. These schools are coordinated to work together and to establish the foundation of our portfolio of schools. Charter and online programs fill in to create a complete list of offerings in District 49. The operated portfolio educates 14,000 students this year, 400 more than 2018/19.

Educating these 26,700 students takes more than 3,000 dedicated employees located in more than 30 buildings around our community. D49: It’s big, it’s busy, and we are the Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to District 49,
Brett Ridgway, Chief Business Officer