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Leadership Update - Oct. 2019

Dear D49 Team,

In the not too distant past when you read these updates, you read them where they lived, nestled in with a few pages of relevant info and other news-you-can-use contained in the "Peak Inside." You’d click the link in your email announcement and get redirected to where we hosted this newsletter produced faithfully every month by Internal Communications Manager Amy Matisek. 

As you read this update, you are looking at it on a brand new website specifically created for the D49 Team: The dedicated and hardworking staff of School District 49. All of us. 

The website is one of two significant efforts to refresh the district’s online presence while simultaneously creating utility for the purpose of connecting the team to valuable resources in a single digital location. To maximize efficiency and page space, consolidates staff resources and provides multiple links to essential channels such as Schoology, PowerSchool, Human Resources, NovaTime and the Aha! Network, to name just a few, in addition to linking directly to essential forms. You can even learn more about your colleagues and find out how to take full advantage of all that’s offered by the D49 wellness team with a single click from the homepage. 

Similarly, visitors to our website will see the same resources we’ve always provided with a new look. The most prominent change, of course, is the video stream that begins when the page is loaded ... which is a result of our Video and Broadcast Specialist Amy Bremser. Amy B. spent weeks going campus to campus to customize these videos for each school page to ensure the user experience is consistent when moving among the many pages that make up our The homepage also features icon based navigation, district news as well as multiple direct links to resources and logins for our parents or any visitors looking to learn more about School District 49. 

Completing this refresh provides a contemporary look to D49’s most important front-facing communications tool and satisfies an objective identified by previous department leadership. It took a tremendous amount of work and keen attention from Digital Communications Manager Sam Dosen-Himelrick, who continues to fine-tune interior pages and overall functionality to serve an audience using a desktop computer or mobile device. We are very excited about these new features, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing them with you!

Proudly supporting our D49 team,
David Nancarrow, director of communications