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Leadership Update - Sept. 2019

Hello D49 Team,

This may come as a surprise to each of you (or not)... but District 49 is growing! And we are growing fast.

This was a main theme in the community briefings that Brett, Peter and I delivered at Inspiration View Elementary, Bennett Ranch Elementary and Sand Creek High School between September 10 and 16. We also informed the community of our stellar and sustained improvements in academic performance, the great work of our teaching and support staff, the accomplishments we achieved collectively in carrying out the vision of recent mill levy overrides and plans for how we’re moving forward to manage our phenomenal growth. 

Did you know out of the 15 largest Colorado school districts over the past five years, D49 student population grew approximately 14.6%, while the next fastest district grew at a 9.4% rate (with the other 13 growing at a 6.6% rate at the most)? Our speed of growth is clearly unique in the state, and rare in the nation. This presents all of us with a challenging planning environment as we strategize on how to support this growth. 

We informed our community of the challenges of balancing enrollment across the district without negatively impacting families, the requirement to build a lot of schools in future years, funding strategies for building those schools and the potential impact future initiatives may have on families in the district (including a voter initiative to fund any future high school, and the realistic need for boundary changes as we build schools and seek to maximize use of existing schools).

You can watch the video or check out the PowerPoint slides from the presentation at I encourage you to do that, so you can help us inform our community of the direction we are heading.

In appreciation of all you do,
Pedro Almeida, Chief Operations Officer