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Leadership Update - Nov/Dec 2022

We are dedicated to a journey of continuous learning and improvement in District 49. Sometimes that directly relates to how we teach and prepare our students. Other times, it means taking a closer look at how we can do things better for our workforce.

Through a series of stakeholder input sessions and surveys last year, licensed staff shared feedback about professional learning opportunities for the 2022-23 school year. Staff voiced a strong interest in training topics such as verbal de-escalation, behavior, coaching, and student engagement, as well as customized training for secondary teachers and beginning teachers. Employees also shared they prefer short, on-going training sessions versus all-day events, providing the opportunity to practice techniques learned and to reflect.

I’m pleased to share that feedback paved the way for a multi-faceted approach to professional learning opportunities this school year. One approach is to give teachers access to smaller chunks of content through Pro Day Cohorts. I invite you to review the options available and to consider signing up for a Pro Day Cohort session!

Read more about specific cohort opportunities for Spring 2023 and register here

With the cohort activities scheduled on days that students are not in school, the burden to prepare for a substitute teacher is eliminated. Additionally, the half day format gives teachers extra time to manage demands of the job like planning, preparation, grading and collaboration.   

If you are an educator in a leadership role or one who is interested in growing into a leadership role, we have developed special sessions for you regarding instructional coaching and growth-producing evaluation. The coaching session will provide a space for leaders to learn, practice and reflect upon Jim Knight’s evidence-based Impact Cycle. Dr. Tina Boogren will facilitate the evaluation course, drawing upon her research on wellness and the collective work of Marzano Research.  

In D49 we value not only continued learning, but also continued feedback. Please continue to share your perspectives. Your input will help plan programming not only for this school year, but also the years ahead. If you’d like to share insight and session ideas, feel free to email me at

Enjoy the holiday break, Team 49! Hope to see many of you at cohort events in 2023.

In collaboration,

Heather Mavel,
Coordinator of Professional Learning