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Leadership Update - Sept. 2022

Thank You for your VoW Annual Survey Participation!

Last Friday, we closed our seventh VoW Annual Survey, wrapping up three weeks of communication inviting you to share your voice. In the end, more than 91% of our full and part-time employees completed the survey— matching our highest-ever level of participation! We love seeing a strong level of participation in our annual survey. It’s a level of participation that is world class. While we are proud to have exceeded our participation goal, the real achievement is in knowing that so many of you shared your voice. The data is richer and more useful because so many of you participated. 

You’ve likely heard that “VoW” stands for Voice of the Workforce. The concept represents our commitment to listen and learn from YOU—our valued employees. It’s a commitment that helped us develop a comprehensive VoW System that includes four key components, with the annual survey as one of those essential pieces. (The others include the VoW Collaboration Team (VCT), VoW Learning Tours (VLT), and VoW Rollout and Rounding.)   

Since its inception in 2016, the VoW Annual Survey has proven time and again to provide immeasurable value as an important part of our culture and strategy of continuous improvement. The insights we glean from the survey help determine and drive D49’s strategic priorities.  

With the survey now closed, our vendor, Beyond Feedback, begins the work of tabulating results and building reports for us. We'll announce the winners of our staff lunches soon, and later this semester, we will share districtwide and school/department level results with you. We look forward to learning from your anonymous responses and comments, which will help us learn more about what we are doing well and what we can improve as a place to work.  

Employee feedback remains truly vital to achieving our vision and mission to be the “Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead.” Again, thank you for participating and sharing your voice.

Proudly serving our D49 workforce,

Paul Andersen,
Interim Executive Director of People & Culture