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Celebrating Fantastic People in D49

Sheryl Pixley is honored during the Fantastic 49 presentation on Jan. 24.

District 49 honored staff members who have made an impact schoolwide or districtwide during the Fantastic 49 presentation on Jan. 24 at Creekside Success Center.

Sheryl Pixley, Medicaid Program Manager, was thanked for effectively managing the Medicaid billing for services such as speech, physical or occupational therapy, and nursing. She ensures that D49 receives accurate reimbursements for special education services. “Sheryl understands the complicated formula that produces state and federal financial reimbursement,” said Leatha Hansz, Individualized Education Compliance Assistant. “These funds provide health-related items like safe playgrounds, mental health services, speech and audio testing supplies, just to name a few. Her top priority is the needs of District 49 students.”

Attendance Secretary at Sand Creek High School, Angela Reeves, was recognized for serving as a key player in the front office who consistently goes above and beyond for her colleagues. “Last July I had a major surgery. After a couple days in the hospital, my wife brought me home, and who is waiting for me—Angela,” said Thomas Moore, Security Guard at SCHS. “Angela brought in food to feed my family for a few days, and she rearranged my furniture, so I could get equipment in. This character carries over to her job every single day. She is the heartbeat of the front office. You could not find a better face to represent Sand Creek and this district.”

Kathleen Granaas, Coordinator of Academic Performance; and Elsa Ortega, Assessment Technician, were honored for their work in helping the D49 Gifted Education Team implement a new cognitive testing tool this school year, CogAT. “I reached out to Kathleen and Elsa, and they were lifesavers,” said Diane Neff, Coordinator of Gifted Education. “From the beginning of implementation with training to the very end when we debriefed on how to make our upcoming CogAT even better, they were supportive and forgiving. I am so happy they were there for our students.”

Shonda Green, Coordinator of Concurrent Enrollment, was thanked for promoting college courses for D49 high school students. “I am so proud of Shonda’s leadership at the national level. She was selected to participate at the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Leadership Academy,” shared Sean Norman, Director of Applied and Advanced Learning. “Her participation and voice helped lead the conversation about supporting high school students who choose to take on the challenge of college classes as part of their high school experience. Shonda’s work has built a strong foundation for an increase in college enrollment here in D49.”

Thomas Moore, Security Guard, thanks Angela Reeves, Attendance Secretary at SCHS, during Fantastic 49.

Leaders at The Campus recognized Michael Masino, Choice and Success Advisor, for his contributions with promoting career exploration for students. “Mike provides a wonderful service for our students and staff. He is always looking for ways to expand his reach in the community to include more business partnerships,” said Nathan Pearsall, Principal at Pikes Peak Early College. “With his hard work in networking, we are seeing more site visits and field trip opportunities for our students. He tirelessly works to ensure all students understand different jobs. Mike helps students find their career path to success in the post-secondary world, and he runs a career development club for students from both schools.”

The evening concluded with thanking David Watson, Director of Safety and Security, for his dedication to ensuring that D49 is a safe place to learn and work. “Across the landscape of my work in the district, my job calls for a close partnership with the department of safety and security,” said Jason White, Coordinator of Community Care. “This collaboration has allowed me to experience the dedication and character of Dave Watson. Behind a stoic exterior, exists an incredibly compassionate husband, father, friend and dedicated professional. His experience, decision-making ability, and strong collaboration with internal and external stakeholders have allowed our organization to remain adaptable to the current and projected needs of keeping people safe.” 

Fantastic 49 is the district's recognition program that celebrates fantastic staff, students, parents, and community members before Board of Education meetings. A sincere thank you to Air Academy Credit Union, Dion's, and Texas Roadhouse for donating gift cards for honorees.

Kathleen Granaas receives a Fantastic 49 Award.. Shonda Green is honored during the Jan. 24 Fantastic 49.. Mike Masino receives a Fantastic 49 Award on Jan. 24.. Dave Watson is thanked during the Jan. 24 Fantastic 49.


Amy Matisek