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Expansion Begins at VRHS

 VRHS leadership at construction siteThe POWER Zone and Vista Ridge High School have big plans for students whose pathways lead to and through VRHS. A new academic wing, currently under construction, will offer an expanded catalog of choices for all learners. A primary purpose for the new space is to support subjects in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program-based learning.
“This new wing will provide us the space to provide an unparalleled experience for all students,” said Tom Payne, VRHS’ principal (pictured here holding blueprints). “All students will have the opportunity to earn certifications, internships, and experiences in numerous pathways ranging from medical certifications, drone licensing, engineering fabrication classes, business, family consumer science, broadcast journalism, cyber security and numerous classes in-between.”
Located on the south side of campus, the two-level expansion will boost capacity by approximately 450 students, holding 18 classrooms.
“Its design throughout is to provide a real world experience that will follow students beyond the walls of VRHS,” Mr. Payne added. “When the new wing opens students will be going to school in the same environment that they will be going to work in merely a few years in the future.”
For renderings and floor plan, check out the VRHS Expansion page.