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49 Voices: A D49 Podcast Episode 5 - Now Available

49 Voices: The Voice of the Student

The name of the podcast is 49 Voices. We are grateful you are here to listen to our story. Listening is a key component of learning, and in D49’s culture and strategy of continuous improvement, we know we must listen to the voice of the student. Student feedback gives us information we can act on to make their experience at school meaningful and enriching, which speaks to our priorities of building firm foundations, offering exceptional choices and launching successful students. of Peter Hilts and podcast guests

In this episode, D49 superintendent Peter Hilts welcomes two energetic voices from the D49 student body - Israel Oketunmbi: Sand Creek class of '23, and Syndi Ellis of Pikes Peak Early College. We’ll learn how these students have the unique opportunity to speak with and to the D49 Board of Education, what’s important to them as D49 students, and why our superintendent places them among the strongest student leaders he’s seen in his career in education.