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Afternoon Buses Curbed Jan. 9

Important Takeaways
  • No afternoon buses
  • Normal dismissal
  • Bus rider parents must explain travel plan Adult supervision provided after school
  • If student must remain after 5 p.m., call school
Due to high winds across the region, and high profile vehicle safety restrictions issued for El Paso County by the Colorado Department of Transportation, District 49 school buses will not run this afternoon, Monday, Jan. 9.

District 49 schools will release at the normally scheduled time. If your child is scheduled to ride the bus today, and you approve of them riding with a friend or walking home, contact the school to provide that information. School faculty will coordinate your plans with your child. Contact information for each school is available at

School principals will keep adult supervision in place this afternoon, until all students are picked up by a parent, guardian or family designee. If you are unable to pick up your child prior to 5 p.m., contact the school to discuss extending the supervision time.

School Bus If any student’s parent feels conditions are unsafe to finish the school day, the parent may pick up his or her child at the earliest convenience.

District 49 Board of Education policies EBCE and EBCE-R specify that if, "in the parent's judgement it is too hazardous … The child will not be penalized for the absence or tardiness and will be given ample opportunity according to the information in the student handbook to make up missed assignments."

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this abnormal situation. We expect our phone lines and email inboxes will be busy, so we will work through all correspondence as quickly as we can. We are committed to the safety of your student and appreciate your cooperation in this unprecedented weather event.
Matt Meister