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Spartan Race Tests True Grit of Stetson Elementary School Staff

Their determination was challenged. Life lessons were learned. Participating in the Breckenridge Spartan Race Aug. 26 was a valuable experience for several Stetson Elementary staff members.


The Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races with varying difficulty levels. Distances for each race can range from three miles to a marathon. Jumping over fire, climbing walls and crawling under barbed wire are only some of the challenges waiting for racers.


“Spartan Races are all about pushing yourself,” shared Andrea Rodriguez-Sanchez, fourth grade teacher. “For me, they have shown me how much I’m able to achieve when I believe in myself.” When she was younger, Rodriguez-Sanchez was on crutches many times, and doctors said she’d be lucky to walk without a noticeable limp. To her, the Spartan Race was about overcoming a personal obstacle.


For fourth grade teacher Kendra Spencer, the race was a metaphor for life. “We hit walls, carry burdens and climb mountains,” she said. “Ultimately, we can overcome life’s hurdles.”


In all, eight staff members from Stetson Elementary School participated in the Spartan Race –
Eddy McGee, assistant principal; Kecia Hodges, fourth grade teacher; Annamaria Miller, ELD teacher; Abbie Kennedy, first grade teacher; Elizabeth Larson, first grade teacher; Renee Sills, third grade teacher; Andrea Rodriguez-Sanchez and Kendra Spencer. The group plans to repeat their participation when the race comes to Fort Carson in May 2018.


SES team spouses and children accepted the challenge to take on the race, too. Even the youngest participants came home with more than a medal. “The best thing about this was being able to do this with my family,” shared Baylea Larson, 14, eighth grader at Skyview Middle School and daughter of Elizabeth Larson. “Doing the Kids’ Spartan with my brothers and then seeing my parents finish the Spartan Sprint together a day later … that was the best.”

Stetson Elementary School team members at Breckenridge Spartan Race Aug. 26.  . Annamaria Miller, ELD teacher at SES, carries water during the bucket brigade at Spartan Race in Breckenridge Aug. 26.  . Children of Stetson Elementary staff members display their muscles at the Spartan Race in Breckenridge Aug. 26.

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