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Breaking Ground on a Firm Foundation for ALLIES

ALLIES staff break ground Oct. 26. Academy for Literacy, Learning, & Innovation Excellence, students, parents, and staff joined with community members Oct. 26 to break ground on a building for the new school.

“We know that the children who share their days with us at ALLIES have tremendous gifts,” said Rebecca Thompson, ALLIES director of academic services. “We spend our days in awe at their sense of wonder, their strengths, the way they help us to see the world, their perseverance, and their laughter.”

“We know that our students are working hard to break the code of reading,” said Thompson. “They persevere every day through something that comes easily to many of us, but perhaps not to them.”

“We believe today celebrates their hard work.”

ALLIES, which opened in August, currently conducts classes in several modular buildings. The new building is schedule to be open for the start of the 2018-2019 school year at 6275 Bridlespur Avenue in Colorado Springs.

“It’s so exciting to be breaking ground on this building,” said Corina Martin, ALLIES parent. “This isn’t going to be just a school of bricks and mortar, this is a symbol of change and progress. This building will be a place for our children to receive support and services that they may not have otherwise received.”

The new building is being constructed on the south end of the Odyssey Elementary School campus. OES will use a portion of the new facility for additional classroom space.

ALLIES will have 8,000 sq. ft. with a dedicated entrance and office, six small group therapy rooms for Take Flight intervention instruction and seven larger classrooms for ALLIES learners.

“The real struggle for dyslexic students isn’t that they will just struggle to spell or to read, but that they will give up on themselves before they ever have a chance,” said Martin, during an address focused on the importance of having dedicated space for the new school. “In a world today that is bombarding our kids with messages that they are not enough, ALLIES is providing a framework, a foundation to tell them that not only are they enough, but that there are others like them and with the proper tools they can be successful.”

“The creation of this building does allow this program to be mainstreamed, setting a huge precedent. And I can’t wait to witness the success that will result from this initiative.”

Community members, students and staff celebrate breaking ground Oct. 26.  Students celebrate the ALLIES groundbreaking Oct. 26.  Students celebrate the ALLIES groundbreaking Oct. 26.

“Our portfolio of schools gives students an opportunity to choose the school that fits their needs,” said Mike Pickering, PhD, POWER Zone leader. “That’s what we’re doing with ALLIES.”

“Our students have an entire curriculum and an entire student experience that’s nestled around that core foundation and that core intervention that is so necessary for their success,” said Pickering. “We are going to have some amazing, great learning environments in our new building for the start of next year.”

“This school will empower countless students by providing an education that will allow them to be successful in the future,” said Martin.

Matt Meister