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Eyes on the Eclipse at ALLIES

Students at the Academy for Literacy, Learning & Innovation Excellence (ALLIES) witnessed the solar eclipse in a unique way Aug. 21.

A monitor provides a safe way for students at ALLIES to view the eclipse Aug. 21 at their school.


Parents Michael and Lisa Herndon came to the school to share their love of art and photography, while offering students a way to view the historic eclipse safely without solar eclipse shades. “I wanted to share my enthusiasm about the eclipse with people we have a vested interest in seeing succeed,” shared Michael Herndon, father of Logan, 8, second grader at ALLIES.


The Herndons placed filters over a camera and connected it to a set of monitors. Students could see a live picture of the eclipse on one screen and a time lapse showing all phases of the eclipse on a second screen.


“I loved that students got to experience something we were learning about,” said Stephanie Hazelton, innovation lab professor. “Many students will remember this for the rest of their lives.”


ALLIES is a new school that opened this year to serve students in second through fifth grade who display characteristics of dyslexia.

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