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RVES in Pursuit of 5th CKH National Showcase School Recognition

The deep-red, heart shaped placards gathering above the front entrance at Ridgeview Elementary School are not part of a Valentine’s Day decoration theme. RVES capturing kids' hearts placards

They are a testament to the foundation of care that drives success through RVES’ commitment to building relationships. 

“It’s not just how we do things, it's who we are,” explained Kimberly Moore, RVES principal. “Without strong relationships between students and the staff, among the staff themselves, and relationships between staff and parents, we are not able to be as fully successful as we could be.”

RVES is currently working to achieve a fifth-consecutive National Showcase School status from the Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) program. The CKH framework promotes school-based socio-emotional techniques to foster student engagement. Ultimately, the belief is, once an educator has a child’s heart, the educator has a child’s mind. 

RVES began its CKH journey in 2015, meeting and surpassing benchmarks set forth in the relationship-based approach to learning created by the Flippen Group. From the very start of the day, staff build connections with students, offering greetings at the front door and before each class. The framework encourages students to gather as a class and share good things in their lives. In addition, classrooms develop and commit to social contracts which hold both students and staff accountable to a clear set of interpersonal expectations.   

“[CKH] allows us to work as a team with our families to support our students,” Moore said. “It helps our teachers and staff work to support one another, and to help our students grow.”

photo of RVES students sharing good thingsMoore and the RVES staff began the 21-22 school year as a four-time national showcase campus, earning the recognition while in the grip of the COVID pandemic. The integration of the CKH processes helped carry her team and students through a season of instability.

“Without Capturing Kids’ Hearts, and the relationships we have among the staff, we could not have done the great things that we did last year. We really supported one another through what was really a difficult school year.”

Moore acknowledges this school year will include overcoming some gaps in achievement. She also knows her school is equipped to overcome them. The growing collection of hearts above the front door is proof RVES is committed to the task, and to each other.

“I think because [CKH is] so ingrained in everything that we do. We know we are special, but I don’t think it brings anything that makes us very boastful,” Moore said. “It really is just who we are.”   

The Flippen Group will announce its National Showcase Schools in April. 

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that Ridgeview Elementary School was named a Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School for the fifth year in a row. RVES is one of 377 schools recognized nationwide with this prestigious honor.
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David Nancarrow